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How It Started

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Origin Story

The concept started in San Diego, CA back in 2012. This Satori-like experience was born out of the onslaught of social media that was being thrown out into the web from family, friends, and complete strangers.

Millions of us sharing the fun times and personal experiences we were creating in life, the weekend activities, commenting on pop culture and headlines, sharing memes or the latest app that kept us entertained.

Yet, there we were, connected to everyone with tons of information and knowledge. Literally at our finger tips. Paralyzed by social media boredom. The ‘anchor belief’ for this commitment is simple:  Promote autodidactism by create a brand that inspires self-directed learning outside of your network, as well as within.

Almost 10 years later, the amount of distractions both online and in real life have grown insurmountably. Yet, the core mission still remains, help you kung fu your curiosity.

Think of staycurious.org as a whirlpool. A whirlpool has a definite form but no water stays put. This is how your curiosity should operate.

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