What is staycurious.org?

What is staycurious.org is what staycurious.org is.

The mission is to foster self-inquiry and self-directed learning with disruptive, quality content that is pulled from various sources from the web and published here for free.

Learning is a lifelong process that is simultaneously biological and cultural. Each of us learn within complex developmental, cognitive, physical, social, and cultural systems.

Learning also changes the brain throughout our life span. At the same time, the brain develops in ways that impact learning and are in turn shaped by the learner’s context and cultural influences.

This project will always be ‘work in progress’ much like learning is.

Who is staycurious.org?

A burned out Project Manager trying to reignite one simple philosophy: learn or die.

My parents named me Heikki. Yes, I do have a last name but first names are good enough for now.

I’m a simple kind of guy with a simple kind of life. I prefer to keep it low-key and enjoy the quiet things in life, quality time with family and friends, occasional round of golf, and put as much focus and energy into creating something everyday.

Curiosity & Creativity are two of my favorite qualities in life and in work. This set of processes are also  the core of staycurious.org.