Cure Boredom in 60 Seconds | Evolution (Lyric Video)

1 min read

Feeling overwhelmed with what is happening nowadays?

Here’s a 60 second, old school, music video made a few years.

Shot on location in San Diego, CA back in 2014 for ill-prepared, unsuccessful Indiegogo Campaign.

After that, play it again. It’s only a min long.

Want more DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice?

#019 | Color Your Self Calm

2 mins read

Recently, without thinking twice, I picked up a crayon and began to color my self calm with my kids.

It was only after a couple of minutes that I came to a few realizations:

1) This is therapeutic and calming. This moment of zen was short lived, because I also realized;

2) I don’t even have kids and I was coloring by myself. But it did get the curious and creative hamsters on their respective wheels and here we are.

It’s May. And according to NAMI, the National Alliance to Mental Illness, it’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

During this show we’re gonna gleefully talk about the Curious | FIRST EDITION | Coloring Pages now available FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVELY on staycurious.org.

We also take a look at how coloring can offer therapeutic benefits to people of all ages. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, coloring has a lot of benefits for your mental health.

Many books tout the benefits of coloring — a thing that kids have known for ages. Coloring can help you channel your inner artist, de-stress and bring a sense of peace. But is there truly a benefit to coloring for adults? And what does this pastime do to our brains to bring about such pleasure and calm?

Grab your favorite crayons, markers print a few pages of our digital download, and color your self calm.

Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.








Listening Time: 23 minutes

Sources: Here, here and here.

#018 | How Fashion Can Help Educate About Body Positivity & Eating Disorders

1 min read

This week’s episode includes a wonderful conversation with three women who are raising awareness about body positivity and eating disorders.

Youngstown State University’s Fashion Merchandising Department will be hosting the annual everyBODY Fashion Show on Wednesday, April 28th at 6PM.

The show promotes inclusivity for all ages, sexualities and body-types. The show is dedicated to Danielle Peters, a former merchandising, fashion and interiors student of Youngstown State University. Peters died due to complications from bulimia in the summer of 2012.

Special Guests: Professor Jennifer Frank, ShaCora Smith & Nina Schubert

Professor Jennifer Frank is the Merchandising Fashion & Interiors professor at Youngstown State University.

ShaCora Smith is a sophomore at Youngstown State University and one of the students coordinating the fashion show.

Nina Schubert is a student at Kent State University and a mental health advocate.

Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.








Listening Time: 50 minutes

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#017 | Who is staycurious.org? (Meet Heikki)

1 min read

Who is staycurious.org?

Meet Heikki.

Your Chancellor of Curiosity.

Buckle up and listen to the founder share his story of being a human-tube with teeth who found his immortality project and wants to inspire others to find theirs.

It was an experimental show. We videoed.  And we hope you enjoi this behind the scenes look.

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#016 | Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

1 min read

This week’s podcast guest is helping bring curiosity to the next level. He’s 14, he’s a freshman in high-school with mad basketball skills, and one of the coolest nephews on the plant.

Please enjoy this curious conversation with Mr. Cooper.

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A Walk In The Park (Collect Questions, Not Answers)

1 min read

First, original cartoon is copyrighted and available at Kostas Kiriakakis website.

Secondly, here’s an article to help explain the surprising power of asking questions.

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#015 | Saint Patrick, Shamrocks & Shenanigans

1 min read

March 17. A day where many are VIP’s (Very Irish People).

So many celebrating and getting shamrocked. But do you know anything about this holy day? Or is it holiday?

Saint Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Blue is his favorite color. Not green. Did you know we celebrate his death not his birth?

Also, why are there no female leprechauns?

Find your Guinness Gang, press your luck, and join us on this whiskey business of a podcast.

Sorry for no music this episode. We ran out of lucky charms this week.

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Listening Time: 21 minutes

How Shakespeare Helps Us Rethink Education

3 mins read

First off, this article is a re-share from EdSurge. Links to original articles are below.

Secondly, here is the Wikipedia synopsis of Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’. Don’t be lazy, read it.

Finally, if you enjoy staycurious.org, please support this open-source project.

In “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” a comedy that William Shakespeare wrote in the 16th century, the character Biron asks, “What is the end of study?”

Questioning the end, or purpose, of education is an exercise that modern students, professors and college leaders engage in all the time. Scott Newstok, professor of English at Rhodes College in Memphis, believes that Shakespeare’s own training—in rhetoric, craftsmanship and conversation—reveals the answer.

“This big, long-term, ambitious task of education is the development of your fullest human capacities to be self-reflective and to be able to articulate complex thoughts and engage with other people,” Newstok says.

In other words, he believes the purpose of education is learning to think.

Newstok explores this philosophy in his new book, “How to Think Like Shakespeare: Lessons From a Renaissance Education.” It’s a slim, surprising exploration of the value that deeply human engagement has in a world full of data points and distractions.

Surveying the obsessions that dominate instruction time in many classrooms, including standardized tests, Newstok finds them at odds with the practices that he believes are essential to developing a “fully deployed mind” like Shakespeare’s own. It’s reading, writing, translation and discussion that truly teach people to think, according to Newstok, who asserts that those same exercises can also help people today develop empathy by stretching “your cognitive capacity to imagine yourself into other subject positions.”

The kind of teaching and learning that Newstok prescribes takes time and effort. Education technology that promises shortcuts for “delivering content” cannot substitute for the hard mental labor of thinking, Newstok says, nor the skilled craftsmanship of teachers.

“They need to have content-specific knowledge, but they also have all kinds animating ways in which they help us care about that knowledge,” he explains. “And they nudge us and they press us and they shame us and they inspire us. That’s a complex art.”

Read the original article from EdSurge here. Listen to the EdSurge podcast here.

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#014 | Capital Curiosity (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

1 min read

After a few weeks on hiatus, the staycurious.org Podcasts returns. First we offer a fun Friday show recapping the week’s touristy stuff in the Nation’s Capital: indoor skydiving, turning 40, and street art.

Then we explore the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and find The Awakening t0 brush off the dust and get back to curating content to coach the The Curious.

Got a city for this traveling podcast to visit? Let us know.

Guest: Al Miller aka -the Captain of Project Falkor @projectfalkor

Intro Music: Plastic Shadow by mr.Gnome off of Heave Your Skeleton









Listening Time: 30 minutes

#013 | Curiosity + Love Part II

1 min read

Love is an incredible thing. And we don’t know love like we should.

This curious conversation is a follow up to Episode #011 | Curiosity + Love.

We asked supporters for their input, chatted again with the Captain of Project Falkor, and tried to make it fun.

Pour your favorite cocktail and enjoi.

The intro song is called Hey Mr by Mr. Sebastian.

Listening time: 43 minutes

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