Having a coach  will support your Triptych of curiosity and self-discovery:

  • Clarify where you want to be and what is stopping you from being there.
  • Help you monitor and control goals for yourself.
  • Provide feedback and accountability to help you actually achieve them.


Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or Zoom (for safety due to COVID-19) for 50 minutes. However, the programs are not limited to only one interaction per week. Along with your coaching sessions, you will get:

  • Typed notes and suggestions based on the coaching session
  • Personalized learning projects to help identify focus areas and take steps towards your goals

  • Results


Pricing is based on hourly rate (à la carte) with monthly packages available.

We unfortunately do not take insurances at this time but are very open to working with you and your resources. Contact us to further discuss.


Your option of 1-3 months of coaching. Ideal for clients who are looking to accomplish short term goals in a condensed period of time.


Your option of 6 months to a full year of coaching. Ideal for clients who have one big goal or multiple goals to complete over a long period of time.

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