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Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper | Ep. 16

1 min read

This week’s podcast guest is helping bring curiosity to the next level. He’s 14, he’s a freshman in high-school with mad basketball skills, and one of the coolest nephews on the plant.

Please enjoy this curious conversation with Mr. Cooper.

Intro Music: Midnight Sun by Cleveland’s own Mr.Gnome.








Listening Time: 25 minutes

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Capital Curiosity in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) | Ep. 14

1 min read

After a few weeks on hiatus, the Podcasts returns. First we offer a fun Friday show recapping the week’s touristy stuff in the Nation’s Capital: indoor skydiving, turning 40, and street art.

Then we explore the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and find The Awakening t0 brush off the dust and get back to curating content to coach the The Curious.

Got a city for this traveling podcast to visit? Let us know.

Guest: Al Miller aka -the Captain of Project Falkor @projectfalkor

Intro Music: Plastic Shadow by mr.Gnome off of Heave Your Skeleton









Listening Time: 30 minutes

Wining w/ Chris Swanson | Ep. 12

1 min read

After  a year of begging, pleading, and being stood up, I finally sit with the infamous Chris Swanson.

Chris Swanson is lactose intolerant living in an ice cream world.

Pour a glass of your favorite Two Buck Chuck, sit back and relax, and listen to two lads discuss randomness, missed trips to India, and what will become of 2021 as we reset what is normal.

The intro music is from Mr.Gnome; an alternative are rock married duo from Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to How to Talk in Technicolor.

Listening time: 48 minutes

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